July 21, 2014

Monday Made It: Brag Tags

I actually lost track of the days; that's what summer does to you. I wasn't sure that today was Monday until I checked my blog feed and Instagram and began to see all the Monday Made It posts. When I discovered that it was I hurried over here to join Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for...

Last Friday I blogged about all the sets of brag tags that I had been creating. I had even created a complete homework management packet that included punch cards, tags, and no homework coupons. So what are brag tags, some of you might be thinking? Brag tags are badges/mini-awards that students earn by completing a specified behavior. They are incentives for good behavior, good habits, and good work. Students collect brag tags and hang them on a metal ring, cord, bracelet, or necklace. They can wear these bracelets and necklaces or hang their rings in a prominent place to display their accomplishments. They get to brag about what they have accomplished, thus their name.

I've created quite a few tags lately; however, I haven't really MADE any of my brag tags yet... sigh! That was this morning's project. Making the actual brag tags is not difficult. I just need to make a LOT of them because my kiddos LOVE brag tags and work REALLY hard to earn them. I try to get as many made before school begins as possible so I do a batch or two everyday until I get stocked up.

First I have to print them out...

Then I have to place them in the plastic sheets to laminate them for durability...

Next stop is the laminator...

Now the fun begins: cutting them out. Miss Daisy decided to help me with this step.

She gave me her approval, so I was able to continue working.

Before I completely cut the tags apart, I stop to punch them. It's a bit easier to punch the tops while they are still in a strip rather than completely separate. I can zip right down the edge without stopping to pick up a tag and position it.

Finally, they are ready for my kiddos to earn!

This is the set that I added most recently to my TpT store and one of the sets that you see me making above. These are meant to be awarded to students who earn a perfect score on their weekly spelling test. You can check this set out as well as all the other ones in my TpT Store by clicking HERE or on the pic below.

Still not sure about brag tags? Why not download this sample for a closer look!

Guess what I'm working on for next Monday?!?!

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  1. What cute tags! And I love your plan of spreading the wealth and doing a few sets a day. I am sure it is an overwhelming project to do all at once.

    ~ Sandy ~
    Lessons in the Sand

    1. Thanks, Sandy!

      Last year I waited until I had printed out all the sheets. By the time I finished stuffing them into the plastic sleeves and running them through the laminator, I was over the tags. My dear friend helped me cut them out or I might've been still at it. LOL! I decided to do just one or two batches a day this year. It is so much more enjoyable. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

      Enjoy the rest of your week,

  2. I love how colorful these are! How nice of Daisy to help, too! :)

    I had to laugh about how you lost track of the day of the week! Yes, that is definitely impossible once school time rolls begins again!

    1. I don't realize how school shapes the structure of my daily life! Without that structure, OH BOY!


  3. Thank you for the sample. I have seen these around and thought about trying it this year.

    I know what you mean about losing track of time in the summer. I especially notice it when I have to write down the date and realize that I have no idea.

    1. You're welcome, Carol. There are several more "free" tags in my storehouse. If you click on brag tags in the Blog Topics section you'll be able to find some for Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day, Chinese New Year, and a few more.

      I have to keep checking on my computer or Smartphone to make sure I have the days straight. I'm afraid I'll miss a blog linky party! LOL!

      Have a great week!


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