April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Science Investigations

I know... I'm cheating a bit. I'm suppose to share ONE photo... it is just ONE photo collage, right?

What are some fun science investigations you have done with your students?
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  1. My kids love anything that has to do with candy! I love doing investigations with my class!
    Endeavors in Education

  2. I teach first grade, so at the beginning of the year we always do the celery experiment where you put the celery stalks in different colored water. The kids LOVE finding out how plants "drink" water and turn colors. :) The experiment above looks fun too!

  3. I soooo miss teaching science! One of my favorite units was dealing with circuits. It was so much fun to watch students discover different ways to turn on a light bulb. Eventually they learned how to make switches. I just loved how hands on that unit is.

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. In fourth grade, we create "naked" eggs. We put raw eggs in vinegar for a few days, run them under warm water, and rub the shell off. The egg has expanded and absorbed the vinegar, and it is rubbery! We then write experiments and perform tests on the eggs...it's a big hit!

  5. We make hokey pokey as part of our chemical change unit. It's like a hot caramel that you add baking soda to and it fluffs up (A real New Zealand treat!)
    Hokey Pokey recipe
    Learning to be awesome

  6. I did one at Christmas that I got of TpT. The children had to investigate to answer the question, "What would have happened if the Gingerbread Man fell into the water?" My kids loved it!

  7. I cheated as well, but its all in the spirit! My kids loved when we experimented with candy after Halloween, they also like anything messy!
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