April 25, 2014

This Is the Day to Fuel Your Faith

This week has just been wonderful... beautifully warm weather, birds chriping, gentle sprinkles, and the beginning of Easter. It's the perfect time to celebrate God's gift of new life. THIS IS THE DAY to Fuel Our Faith.

The Catholic Church celebrates the season of Easter for 50 days. One Sunday is not enough to thank, praise, and bless the Lord for all he has done for us in dying and rising to save us! Each of the Church's seasons is marked by particular songs and psalms. Easter's psalm is Psalm 118.

I've been humming and singing all of the different versions of this psalm that I know all week. One that I teach my students is a happy, bouncy tune to which they play the bells while I play the guitar. We'll incorporate this in all of our prayer services and liturgies throughout the season.

This is the day! Rejoice!

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