September 29, 2013

A Peek at My Week and a FREEBIE

Oh my goodness! It is Sunday again. I have good intentions to blog during the week, but I can't seem to squeeze in the time. I figured I could find time this weekend since I had worked hard to get all my lesson plans and materials ready by Thursday this past week, but... sigh! Then this weekend: I had planned on blogging for Snapshot Saturday but left my camera at home. I had planned to blog for Mentor Texts but left the book at school. Now it's Sunday and time for...

Monday is my boys first home football game. My sixers are permitted to play on the junior high football team. There are only three of them that play with the bigger boys, and they have been begging me to come to a game to see them. All of the games have been out of town so far, just too far to travel after a long day at school. I can't wait to see them play! I hear they are better than many of the 7th and 8th graders. Here they are at pep assembly we had this past week. Can you pick them out?

The rest of the school week should run smoothly. There are no meetings or after school activities. All I have to complete is progress reports and view a formative assessment module online in preparation for an inservice next Monday. Unfortunately, I have several progress reports in eighth grade that I must send, not due to struggling with understanding concepts, but rather letting extra-curricular activities interfere with school work... several students are just not completing work. And that formative assessment module... two hours at my computer just watching a video... sigh!

I won't even have too many papers or assignments to grade this week other than some Padlet boards for gr. 8 English and Spelling papers for grs. 5/6. We've been studying words with Greek/Latin roots each week for five weeks. This week is a review week, returning to all the roots we've covered so far: AQUA, PHOTO, PHON, GRAPH, and MOT/MOB. HERE is an assignment sheet that I will give to my students on Monday. They will work on the assignments, one per day, turning them in as we go along. The wordsearch is a little fun and challenging, requiring them to not only search for the word but identify its root's meaning. This group of kiddos has never done one like this. I can't wait to share it with them. Then on Thursday we'll play a fun review game so they are ready for a test on Friday.

I'm hoping the week passes quickly as I've some special plans for the weekend. A dear friend of mine whom I don't see nearly as often as I'd like has invited a group of us women to her home for dinner. Can't wait!!!! AND I can't wait for next Sunday! I'm traveling out of town to visit once again with my former pastor/special friend who will be installed as pastor at his new parish.

I've got a terrific week ahead of me. How 'bout you?

Happy Teaching,
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