April 9, 2013

FREEBIE: Sporting with Direct Objects- Thanks to an Easter Bargain! TBA Link Up

Normally I do NOT shop! Well, I shop... but, not really.... I have a list, go to the store, get what's on the list, and get out. That's it! Last week, however, I actually shopped. You know- the browsing, take your time, look at lots of things kind of shopping. AND I found some bargains on cute Easter decorations, and I mean cute, as in classroom useful cute... like these eggs... 33 cents at Wal-mart... YES!

I only bought them because my sixers had such a great time doing an activity during my Parts of Speech Round-up just before Easter break that required them to open plastic eggs and do something with words I had placed inside. They had actually asked to do a similar activity after Easter. I figured the boys would go wild for these eggs so I grabbed them along with a separate bag of just football eggs and a separate bag of baseball eggs. Each bag was only 33 cents! But what could I use them for as far as curriculum was concerned? Today I figured it out.

We've been brushing up on Language skills, reviewing everything from all year. Direct objects and prepositional phrases are sometimes confusing for this group of sixers so I made this literacy center: Sporting with Direct Objects.

I whipped it up during my planning period in the morning. It's short and to the point. I put everything in a basket, briefly explained the objective and directions and handed it to the student nearest me. After she completed the activity, she passed it on, and so on. They loved it! Not everyone got to do the activity today, so we'll work on getting through the rest tomorrow. Then I'll figure out something else to do with my Sporty Eggs. 

Maybe I should shop more! Nah! But I'll definitely shop around for lots of great FREEBIES over at Teaching Blog Addict. This is my first link up for Freebie Friday, but I know it won't be my last. Love TBA!

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