March 20, 2013

Egg-citing Verbs and Egg-cellent Sentences... Easter FREEBIE

We've been hitting the parts of speech pretty hard lately in Language Arts class. My sixers have a hard time remembering the function of the words or getting prepositions and adverbs mixed-up, not to mention the difference between present tense and present progressive tense. They can use the parts of speech correctly in their writing but to identify them... ugh! Mystery Pictures have been a big help taking the drudge out of the work but I don't want to overdo them. BTW, my Spring Frog Mystery Picture is finished. You can get it HERE or by clicking on the link below the graphic.

To give my sixers varied practice with identifying verb tenses and using them in sentences, I created Egg-citing Verbs and Egg-cellent Sentences (my class goes wild for silly puns), I'll be using this with them next Monday as we wind down the third quarter and get ready for our Spring Break. Maybe some of you would like to use this activity as well. You can download this FREEBIE HERE, or by clicking on the link below the graphic.

Happy Easter!
Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6

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