April 20, 2016

Let's Celebrate...

... Spring!
... Testing is finally completed!
... There are less than 35 school days left before summer break!
... with a SPECIAL sale!

Here's how this special sale works...

1. Purchase ANY three items (a bundle is considered ONE item) from my TpT Store beginning now through April 25, 2016 (there is a 10% off sale from 4/23-4/25);
2. find a fourth item that is valued $2.75 or less that you would like to have;
3. email me (teachersdesk@yahoo.com) your TpT username and your fourth choice item by April 26, 2016.
4. I will check my sale receipts for your username, then
5. I will email you your fourth item FREE!

What a steal!
And fun!
And a great way to stock up on engaging activities for the final days of school!
And get ready for the first days of school next year!
And... oh yeah, I almost forgot... This deal carries over for EVERY three items that you purchase... SOOOOOOO... purchase six items, get two free... purchase nine, get three free!

Happy Savings!

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