April 1, 2016

Earth Day Freebie and Giveaway

No foolin'! Earth Day is fast approaching, April 22nd, just three weeks from today! Are you prepared to celebrate with your students? For a quick, no fuss, print-and-go way to include a little Earth Day in your grs. 3-7 ELA classes, here's a fun and engaging ZAP game.

Students are reminded of the importance of this celebration while they determine the part of speech for Earth Day related vocabulary words. You can grab your Earth Day freebie HERE.

Would you like to spread your Earth Day celebration over more than one day? Here are two ELA Scoot activities to get your students thinking about this seasonal holiday.

On each of the 32 task cards in this first activity are four Earth Day related words. Students must determine which word would come first in alphabetical order. Perfect for a game of Scoot, these cards are also useful in a literacy center, as exit tickets, or as part of an Interactive Notebook. You can read more about them and download them HERE.

This set of 24 Scoot cards is especially designed for older elementary students. Beside providing engaging practice with revising skills, the sentences on the cards are full of background information about Earth Day. You can read more about them and download them HERE.

How do you celebrate Earth Day in your classroom?

Leave your response below in the comments section, and I will select one or two at random on April 15th to receive both sets of my Earth Day Scoot cards... in time to use on Earth Day. Be sure to include your email address in your response that I may email you your cards.


  1. I have always loved your ZAP games... and my students have loved them, too! These look great! Thank you for the freebie!

  2. Happy April Fool's Day. I teach third grade.

    1. Congratulations, Emily! Be sure to check your email for the Earth Day products.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog. I will be returning often to pick up some of your ideas for my third grade class. I teach language arts and social studies in the state of Texas and have been teaching for 40 years, but I never tire of teaching kids. I always challenge myself to try new things, so I am continuously searching Pinterest and blogs for something fun and enjoyable to make my teaching more exciting for me and the kids. I would love to receive one of your products to try out. Thanks for all you so to share your work.

  4. Moving to fifth next year, so have been trying to find all new blogs to follow. Yours will be a must read! (And if you notice lots of traffic on old posts this summer, that will be me..."catching up"!) tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com


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