February 24, 2016

Headin' to the Fair...

Science Fair, that is! Today was our school's annual Science Fair. All of our students in grs. 4-8 are required to participate. Each student, or pair of students, must select a topic to research, investigate, and report upon. They are assessed according to how well they apply the scientific method to their project and how well they are able to present their information during an interview conducted by a field scientist (chemical engineer, nursing instructor, pharmacist, chemist, science teacher, among others). A criterion sheet is distributed to the students and discussed weekly in Science class with all of the actual hands on work being completed at home. You can download a copy of the criteria HERE.

On the day of the fair, tables are arranged in our auxiliary gymnasium and students are assigned a spot to place their project.
Students, along with a few parents, arrive early on the morning of the Science Fair to set-up their projects.
Throughout the morning, classes are called to the gymnasium for judging. Each project is judged by two different judges who use a scoring sheet developed for the Science Fair. For a copy of the sheet click HERE.

My job during the Science Fair is to collate the project sheets and tally the judges' scores. I am the only person who knows the scores and the winners until after school when all the Science teachers gather in the gym to distribute placement and participation ribbons.

Parents, family members, and friends are invited to visit the fair in the evening to see all of the wonderful projects! Our students are on hand to answer questions and explain their work.

Do you have a Science Fair at your school?


  1. What a wonderful idea and from the photos it looks like it was an awesome event - some super questions being tested! We did something a little like this once but as classes rather than pairs and as I had 5-6 year olds it was a little difficult for them to really get some of the things the older ones were presenting but it was all good experience :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. Wow! It looks like your students put together some really awesome projects! It was fun to look through the photos!


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