February 12, 2016

Five for Friday 2.12.16

Once school starts for the year I rarely find time to join one of my favorite linkies. You ALL know how busy a teacher's life really is. However, today is a Friday off, a comp day for our parent conferences a few weeks ago. My fur girls woke me EARLY today and being wide awake I thought, "Do it!" So here I am, joining Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday.

FIRST... My favorite television show returns this Sunday. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting since LONG before Christmas for season six to continue. Its return is my Valentine's Day present.
I am so happy at its return that I am celebrating by offering all of my TpT cute zombie items at a discounted price. There's even a FREEBIE tucked away in the group. Grab them HERE until the start of the show when they will return to their regular price.

SECOND... We had the most wonderful Valentine's party at school! My homeroom mothers are THE BEST that I've had in over 35 years of teaching. From tasty treats to awesome Minute-to-Win-It games the party was a hit from start to finish!

THIRD... I was a bit crafty this week! I actually fashioned a wreath for my Religion bulletin board and transformed it from New Year, New You to Lent. I also made my sixers' Valentines this year based on a wonderful idea that I found on Pinterest. The finished product allowed me to do a Religion lesson while my sixers had a sweet treat.

FOURTH... My seventh grade English students participate in our schools one-to-one laptop program. As a result we do nearly all of our lessons, practice, writing, etc. on the computer. One of our favorite uses is practicing our weekly vocabulary words before we take our weekly test. If you have never used Quizizz with your class, check it out! It's well worth the effort FUN!

FIFTH... This coming Monday, President's Day, we have no school. However, we do have a special day of learning planned for our young scholars (grs. 1-3). I have the reputation for being a geeky, Science teacher so my parents nominated me to host a Magic of Science day. With the help of my long time Science Coach, Dr. Ann Abraham, a chemistry professor at a local university branch we have planned a day full of COOL science activities. Dr. Ann has enlisted the aid of her chemistry students and I've enlisted my sixth graders to help make the day run smoothly. There was a lot of prep work to do. 

My sixth graders helped me organize, sort, and pre-package the materials for a Send Home Science Kit, an idea I borrowed from Teach-a-Roo.

I am REALLY looking forward to Monday's science fun; we've never done anything like it. There are about 30 students signed up to participate in the learning fun. I plan to blog more about the Magic of Science Day next week so please check back for more information and photos of the experience.

I had the BEST week this week! The best of all is that I was able to share it with you! Be sure to stop by Doodle Bugs for Teaching to read more Five for Friday posts by teacher bloggers.


  1. Your Valentine's party looks so much fun! I love the sound of your Science Day - you make it sound so much fun, I bet the students will love it!

    Teaching Autism

  2. TWD returning on Sunday!!! can't wait! Love the minute-to-win-it Valentine's activities!



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