November 9, 2015

Meet the Teacher Monday

I'm joining Trina over at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom for a weekly linky she's trying to get started. I just LOVE linky parties, especially those where we get to meet teacher bloggers. Trina's linky is entitled Meet the Teacher Monday. For this installment she asks that we share five things we like about fall.

I enjoy colorful fall foliage and where I live in NE Ohio there is never a shortage of it! Fall ushers in cooler temperatures so I can enjoy my favorite food-- soup, especially chicken soup and chili... YUM! I love the pumpkin and cranberry flavors that are everywhere and in everything during the fall. I gobbled down a pumpkin and a cranberry English muffin for breakfast just this morning, and my Scentsy pot is churning out spiced pumpkin bread right now! With fall school is in full swing; the first grading period is over, parent conferences have been completed, and we are learning GOOD STUFF!!!! Fall even has great holidays: Halloween, All Saints' Day, Veterans Day, my birthday, and my favorite: Thanksgiving. I just LOVE fall!

What are your five favorites for fall? Hop on over to Trina's blog and add your own to Meet the Teacher Monday!

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  1. Colorful foliage is my favorite, but too bad we don't really see much here in Houston. I mean we have fall foliage, but not like the beautiful colors I saw when I went to Colorado last fall. Amazing and breathtaking. It was like I stepped into a painting. Thank you kindly for participating :-)


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