September 3, 2014

September Photo Challenge Day 3 and Wordless Wednesday

Today's photo in the September Teacher Photo Challenge calls for a pic of a bulletin board.

How many of you change your bulletin boards on a regular basis? I absolutely HATE bulletin boards. All of mine are tied into routines, anchor charts, learning posters, etc. so I do NOT have to change them EVER! Here is a shot of one of my boards. On it students keep track of their homework, brag tag (some are currently missing), and classroom rules.

I'm joining Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday for this photo as well. Be sure to stop by her blog to see lots more fun, interesting photos shared by teacher bloggers.


  1. Oh, i love bulletin boards! I think it's a treasure in this digital age we live in...but I tend to leave things up a bit too long because it is such a time-consuming task!

  2. I really like being able to display the work the children do - especially their art work and they are always so pleased to see it up on the wall. To make it easier for myself I often recruit two children (there are always more volunteers than I need) and they help me during a lunchtime take a board down and redo the new one. I rarely change the backing paper as that is difficult to do but the borders are relatively easy and give the boards a whole new look!

  3. How do your brag tags work? That looks like something my students might get into.... :)


  4. I remember my first year of teaching... I LOVED putting together bulletin boards! That quickly changed, though, as the year went on and I got more and more busy! Now I am like you! I prefer the displays that stay up all year!


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