September 6, 2014

Five for Friday Late on Saturday

OK, OK I'm going to say it again: WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Last I knew, it was Wednesday; now it's late Saturday night! Jeepers! I was suppose to keep up with the September Teacher Photo Challenge (I actually have on IG); I had promised myself I would be on time for Five for Friday; and I had two special bloggy friend celebrations to shout out! It's all going to be rolled into one!!!


First... Photo Challenge Day 4: Teacher's Desk (ha ha, love this one... silly grin)

It is LARGE! It is covered! This is CLEAN... believe it or not!
My goal for this school year is to keep a much neater desk than usual.
So far, so good... for me.

Second... Photo Challenge Day 5: Read Aloud

I received this book as a demo early in the summer.
I fell in love with it! It is filled with terrific life lessons,
a character who relies on God, and loads of literary skill material:
allusion, allegory, character development, conflict, et al.
My sixers are LOVIN' it!

Third... Photo Challenge Day 6: Morning Drink

No explanation needed, other than...
Hazelnut YUM!!!

Fourth... My friends over at The Teaching Trio have quite the celebration going on. They have a brand new blog design just launched, and as part of the launch a huge giveaway with 30 TpT participants. Hop on over to check out their fresh new bloggy face and enter to win one, two, or all three prize packages they are offering. The giveaway ends this coming Tuesday, Sept. 9th.

Fifth... My dear bloggy friend Deb from Crafting Connections is celebrating a HUGE TpT Milestone... 3000 followers as well as 600 blog followers and 700 Pinterest followers! WOWZA! She is celebrating with a terrific giveaway. Be sure to visit Crafting Connections before Sept. 9th to enter to win one of three AWESOME prizes.


  1. I've never seen that book before- it sounds like a good one! I'm impressed by your desk... that was always my goal at the beginning of each school year... and I have yet to accomplish the goal of the organized desk! Good luck! :) Thanks for the shout-out, too!!! Have a great Sunday!

  2. I love coffee, and I needed it iced this week with 90+ heat index and no AC in our school. I too have made it a goal to clean off my desk. I do it every night before I leave. Stop by sometime.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  3. I have been drinking the iced pumpkin kind of coffee every Friday. :) My desk also looks the same as yours!!! :) Happy Sunday!
    Mixing it up in Middle


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