September 2, 2014

September Photo Challenge Day 2

Today's photo challenge topic calls for a shot of a chalkboard.

 Hmm? Technically, there is a chalkboard in my room, but it is covered by a Smartboard and a part of a widescreen T.V.. Therefore, it's not used as a chalkboard. I use what little is left of it as a place to hang learning posters or student work.

When  I think about it, I really do not have the board space on which to write a lot of material. I find that since I am housed in this current room I rely more on anchor charts (I go through A LOT of chart paper), learning posters, interactive notebooks, and smartboard activities than on the traditional chalkboard/whiteboard kinds of teaching and learning activities of my past. I've adapted in a variety of ways, so much so that I really haven't missed using the chalkboard. I remember when I fist moved in to this room, complaining and moaning about the lack of board space. I didn't think that I would survive without it. Survive I have, and happily so... no more chalkdust, clapping erasers, or chalk prints on my pants!

What is your favorite way to present lessons to your students?

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  1. I use my PowerPoint and projector each and every day. There is a possibility that my students will be getting iPads to use in class so I will be switching from PowerPoint to NearPod. I love that it acts like PowerPoint but becomes interactive for the kids - quizzes, drawings, polls, etc.


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