September 21, 2014

Five for... What Day Is It Anyway?

It's already... egads!.... SUNDAY! How did that happen? I had every intention of joining Doodlebugs for Five for FRIDAY... sigh!

My five are VERY random this week! I'm keeping up with the September Teacher Photo Challenge on Instagram, and my five are from there.

1. Yep, that's my alarm clock! What time do you get up? Do you hit "snooze" or are you a one shot and get up person? I usually wake up get waked up before the alarm; no snoozing for me... two hungry fur babies see to that!

2. See my small whiteboard? I teach THREE different preps of Language Arts and do NOT have anywhere near the board space that I would like. Sometimes I'd like to be able to SAVE something for the next day's lesson. I use LOADS of chart paper and digital paper for lessons that carry over from one day to the next. I used to complain about ALL the board space that I had in my previous room; now I'm complaining I don't have enough... sigh!

3. Do you grade papers with RED ink? I admit that I do. I know research says that RED for grading is intimidating and other colors are better, but.... a RED pen is a tool of my trade!

4. I blogged about Word Clouds and in particular on Thursday. I had to share another word cloud today. This was created using an app on my Smartphone. The app is called iLanguage and is available for the Android platform if anyone is interested. I've been having fun making quick word cloud puzzles, saving them, and sending them to my email for use in class. Here's one for you to solve.
5. I had to share my sweet Rosie's love letter. She made my day!

Be sure to stop by Doodlebugs' blog for more Five for FRIDAY posts.


  1. My two fur babies get me up every morning, alarm clock or not! Thank you for reminding me about Wordles. That will make a perfect Friday activity.

  2. If you need more white board space you can purchase shower board at Lowe's or Home Depot, a very similar material that you can write on and erase. It comes in huge sheets for about $13 which they will cut down into smaller pieces for you at no extra charge. You can then rest them right on the ledge of your chalkboard or whiteboard while you are using them without having to erase what is already on the board.
    Brynn Allison

  3. I agree- you do not have nearly enough white board space! What a sweet little note!! Aren't those the best?


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