February 12, 2014

What's Happenin' Wednesday? Three in a Row... YIPPEE!

What's happenin' today? Three days of school in a row that's what! I can NOT tell you the last time that we were in school for three consecutive days. I think it was the second week in January, seriously!!!! It looks like tomorrow will be a fourth day. Maybe, just maybe we are turning the corner on this terrible weather in NE Ohio.

Something else that's happenin' is my sixers working with their second grade buddies. We have had a buddy activity planned for weeks and weeks. The best time for my sixers to meet and work with their second grade buddies during our busy week is Wednesday afternoon. We have not been in school on a Wednesday since, well, a long time!

Our buddies have been studying about penguins as part of an integrated Science/Language Arts unit. The second grade teacher had asked us to help her do a "fun" writing activity. I readily agreed and offered to find something "fun" yet filled with learning.

I discovered this FREE product on TpT and quickly downloaded it. Notice it's a craftivity;)

After sharing it with the second grade teacher, we decided it was a perfect fit for both of our classes. She would read aloud a nonfiction book about penguins that was in her class library. My sixers would guide her second graders in identifying the main idea and details by completing a simple graphic organizer. They then would write the information in second grade sentences (my sixers would serve as editors and coaches) on the cute penguin paper provided in the packet. Finally we would craft the penguins and display them for the other classes to enjoy.

It's been such a relief to get back into the swing of things, falling into that familiar routine. We have a scheduled day off this Friday and another on Monday. Normally I look forward to long weekends! I have to say that I almost wish that we were not taking the time off....ALMOST!

Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6

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