January 31, 2014

Five for Friday... FREEBIE

It's once again Friday so you know what that means...

First... this was a SHORT week; however, it was a LONG week! Short in that my work week consisted of only two days. Long in that my work week consisted of only two days. The other three days I was stuck indoors due to the extreme brr! temperatures. The cold is over for now, but there is something just as bad in our future. Take a look at the prospective weather for mid-week next week... I don't even want to mention that I am in the pink! Pun intended but not in a good way.

Next, we did manage to get a LOT of work accomplished in just two days.

Ms. Murphy, my student teacher, completed the perfect tense craftivity (one of Deb Hanson's projects) that she started with my sixers last week, pre-polar vortex. They turned out awesome!

My fifth graders and I completed our snow globe projects/stories that we started last week. I just LOVE how these turned out. Their snow globes are adorable, and their first person narratives are wonderful! They worked so hard on their writing, and they followed directions so well. I am VERY proud of them!!!

We celebrated Catholic Schools Week this week. Unfortunately, most of the events that we had planned got nixed due to the cold weather. We did have Throwback Thursday, however, where our students were invited to dress as their parents would've dressed whilst they were in school. Ms.Murphy surprised all of us by wearing her old school uniform from when she was a student at our school. The kiddos LOVED it!!!!!

And finally something non-school related... my fur babies! Look, they actually sat together on my lap for the FIRST time. Granted it was for only a couple of minutes, but that is REAL progress. AND it only took seven weeks!

Oops, almost forgot... Since it's Friday, it's time for a FREEBIE. This week's freebie is in honor of Chinese New Year which begins today: Gung Hay Fat Choy! Here are some brag tags to share with your students. You can download them HERE or by clicking on the graphic.

Happy Teaching,
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  1. Linking up from Five for Friday :) I love the TBT idea where the kids dressed like their school-aged parents! So fun and what a treat for them to see their student teacher in her old uniform!

    :) Ash
    The Rolly Chair

  2. I seriously love that you are dating this as "pre-polar vortex". We went to school a total of one day this week so I feel your pain!!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  3. The snow globes turned out really cute. I love the idea of Throwback Thursday. I'm sure the students enjoyed dressing like their parents.

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. How great it is to see Grade 6 kids so involved in hands-on learning! They're so lucky to have teachers that offer them so many ways to learn. Thanks for sharing your ideas (and your brag tags!) at Manic Monday.
    Hope you don't get that huge storm this week ... our 4-6 inches prediction of snow here in NJ today is so far just a heavy rain. What a winter!



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