January 22, 2014

What's Happenin' Wednesday?

Not much! Another snow cold day, and it looks like more of them in sight. Not tomorrow... the temperature's supposed to hit a whopping 12 degrees Fahrenheit by daybreak with no wind chills so we'll be off and running early in the morning. However, Friday is another story... wind chills return and a temperature of only 1 degree at dawn is forecast. AND THEN there's next week... BRR, BRR, BRR!

So what's a teacher supposed to do on a cold January day when there is no school? Watch T.V., do laundry, play with the girls (fur babies), and make fun things to use in my classroom, that's what! I had been wanting to create something football related since the Super Bowl is fast approaching. I also wanted it to be something that my fifth graders could use as well as my eighth graders. Here's what I came up with...

It's a combination SCOOT and ZAP! pack, containing 30 task cards, that provides students practice with alphabetizing football related words. My fifth graders need practice with this skill, especially with words that begin with similar letters. Some of the words in this pack require students to look beyond the seven or eighth letter to determine the order. A round of SCOOT for them will be perfect. Plus I can have them practice writing the words in cursive, another skill needing practice.

My eighth graders can use practice with alphabetizing, too. However, I want them to practice fluency and speed with this skill. Therefore, they will play a round of ZAP! using the same cards. Included in the pack is a set of three ZAP! cards.

I included an answer key that allows for quick checking by the teacher during a game of ZAP! or can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard for student self-checking after a round of SCOOT.

The cute graphics come from Ashley Hughes of The School Supply Addict and Oodles of Doodles at Joy of Kindergarten. They were PERFECT for what I wanted!

I can't wait to share this item with my kiddos, and I can't wait to share it with you also! 

If you'd like a copy of Super Football Scoot it is available in my TpT Store for purchase. However, if you pin the product in my TpT Store and leave the pin URL in a comment below, I'll send you a FREEBIE copy. Just be sure that you include an email address if you are a "no reply blogger" so that you can receive your copy.

Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6


  1. This is so super cute! It will go perfectly with my Football Friday next week! I don't teach english, but the kids will love this!


    Rosie's Rambles

    1. I'm so glad that you like it, Rosie! I sent your copy via email so if you don't get it, please let me know! have a great week!

  2. We are experiencing the bitter cold too. No school today, but I'm afraid I'm not being as productive as you are.
    This is awesome. I purchased a few of your other Zap games last Sunday. We played them this week and my kids LOVED both games we played (Martin Luther King Jr and Winter Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs), so I know they will enjoy this one too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity!


    On the Trail of Learning

    1. I sent you an email, Kay. Please let me know if you don't receive it.

  3. Very cute! Thank you so much. It is extremely cold here in Ohio as well. We have just missed a "too cold for school" day the past two days. It has been deep into the negative wind chills.


    Fit to be Fourth

    1. I sent you an email, Mary. Please let me know if you don't receive it.


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