December 7, 2013

Five for Friday: More Advent FREEBIES

It's time to link up with Doodlebugs for...

First... The Cyber-Monday and Tuesday sale on TpT was tons of fun! My store was busy and my shopping cart was BUSY! I blogged about all the goodies that I found HERE but I'm posting the pic of my purchases once again.

Second... I learned how to create a form in Google Docs. I created a reading survey to help me complete a project on which I'm currently working. I am in need of teachers to complete the survey to help me collect information about what you and your students are reading. Please take a moment to visit this POST and fill-out just a couple of questions. There's a small gift waiting for you if you do!

... We are continuing to celebrate Advent (rather than Christmas) at school. I've tried to incorporate the Advent theme in fun and unique ways throughout my curriculum not just in Religion class. One way that I've added a touch of Advent is in my review and practice materials. ZAP! is a game that my kids LOVE to play. Here's a second Advent ZAP! game that I created. It helps students practice alphabetizing words.

Another way that I've been able to incorporate Advent within my content areas is via Mystery Pictures. In a mystery picture, students follow a key to match a word in a box with its respective function. They then color the box and eventually reveal a mystery picture. Here is an Advent wreath mystery picture wherein students practice identifying parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs). It is available in my TpT Store

I created a second Advent mystery picture. This one is a FREEBIE that you can download HERE or by clicking on the picture below. This mystery picture provides students practice with identifying prepositions, pronouns, and interjections. If you download this one, please provide feedback for it. Remember when you provide feedback for TpT products you earn promo points that you can redeem for discounts on products.

Fourth... My sixers and I went on a FANTASTIC field trip on Thursday! I blogged about it HERE so I won't go into the details too deeply. I'll just say that I stepped onto the Titanic in the guise of Henriette Yprois, explored several hundred artifacts, and learned many new interesting this about this popular topic. However, I did NOT survive the voyage! LOL!

Fifth... On Friday, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day with our annual tree lighting, pajama party, Read for 2014 activities. It is a GREAT day that all the students in K-6th grade really look forward to. We even had a special visit from St. Nicholas himself (shhh! It's really one of our high school teachers dressed to look like the kindly, merciful bishop from whom descends our modern Santa Claus) who left a bag of treats in each student's shoe.

A little later in the day we played a game of St. Nicholas ZAP! wherein students practiced identifying subjects and predicates while learning about the kindly saint. Even my eighth graders enjoyed this fun-filled learning game!

I then gave my fifth and sixth graders a little St. Nicholas Day gift... a St. Nicholas brag tag to help them remember our fun day. My kiddos LOVE brag tags! You can download a set of St. Nicholas brag tags for your students HERE or by clicking on the graphic below. 

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