August 19, 2016

Five for Friday

I am sneaking this post, I am actually in an inservice, one about technology. Everyone is required to have a laptop for a hands-on training...and we all know what happens when thirty different laptops start to log on to an online grading program. I am raring and ready to go but the other twenty-nine aren't YET. Soooooo, it's time for...

First.... I finished my classroom this week. Here is the grand reveal!

Second... I have been having such a great time with the app Face Swap. I posted a few pics earlier, but here are a few more.

Third... My 17 year old fur baby had her wellness exam this past week. This is Daisy's happy face as we are getting ready to go home. She passed her test with flying colors, yay! The vet assures me that I should enjoy her for many years to come.

Fourth... This is the BIG WEEK BEFORE THE FIRST WEEK so I've been busily getting notebooks, posters, punch cards, and brag tags ready to go. I just finished up my starter set of tags and got them assembled (with a little help). I just LOVE using brag tags with my older kids. They are a fun, inexpensive reward system. Mine are chiefly used as a homework incentive system. Students do their homework on time and receive fun little tags to collect, showing their accomplisnment. When they collect enough tags they will earn a no homework coupon... GOLD for my kiddos!

Fifth... I had something happen to me that has NEVER, EVER happened before. I live near a long stretch of highway, Ohio Rt. 11. It is rather desolate, exits lead to long distances to small cities or towns. While it does pass near a few larger communities, it is safe to say there is no reason to ever be caught in a traffic jam on this road. However, coming home from a long, first day back inservice that was held 60 miles away, I ran into this. For a moment, this The Walking Dead fan thought she was caught in the zombie apocalypse retreat. I have no idea what caused this jam or why it took me and hundreds of others more than 20 minutes to crawl less than one-half mile... not a nice thing to have happen on that first teacher day!

Something really nice to have happen, though, is being able to link up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Be sure to visit her blog and read all the fun weekly postings from teachers around the blogging world.

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  1. Your opening lines made me laugh so much! Now every time I see a teacher in a meeting that has her head down I will wonder if she is blogging! Traffic jams are the worst, especially when you never find out what happened! Have a great week!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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