August 16, 2016

August Show and Tell Tuesday

By the time this post is published I will already be officially starting my first day of the 2016-2017 school year... no kiddos yet, just a day of meetings and inservice. Still, summer is over...sigh! But our fun monthly linky is only beginning!

And so I found THIS when I visited my classroom for the first time last week! Such a beautiful sight! While I was getting my bearings, the techies began setting everything up! OH YEAH! I am so excited to have computers back in my classroom. I have had anywhere from three to eight computers typically in my classroom. When I changed rooms last year, I left five computers behind (they were a bit outdated, as in still running Windows XP). I went without student available computers all year, so you see why this teacher is just a tad bit over the moon! 
I hope to reveal m y classroom later in the week when you will see these babies all reved up and ready to go!

We have had such warm, muggy weather this summer. It's almost as if NE Ohio has become Florida (now if only the winter would be like Florida). With all the summery weather we have had the most beautiful skies! This pic was taken just before sunset last week. The photo does only small justice to the actual view. While that pink is quite bright, it was ten times more intense in person... just breath-taking!

And then the next evening ...THIS! 
What a storm that moved SOOOOOO fast! 
If you look at around the seven-eight o'clock position you can see a bright spot and the edge of the storm front. The sky had been bright blue NACITS (not a cloud in the sky). Within three minutes all that was left of it was that small spot.

The day after the storm dawned bright and clear once again. However, if you look in the far, far distance you can see faint storm clouds forming. Another terrible storm was on its way!
Look who was seeking shelter before the bad weather hit. 
This flock of Canadian geese blocked traffic both ways on US 20 while they waddled home. Took them ten minutes to finally clear the road. Luckily this was very early in the morning before most traffic was out and about.

I am adding some bonus pics this month. Have you worked with the Android app Face Swap? Oh my! I am not one for selfies. In fact, prior to finding this app I had only taken two selfies in the three years that I've had a smartphone. I am LOVIN' the chuckles, guffaws, and smart remarks being generated by my family and friends over the selfies I've been creating. TOO MUCH FUN!
I'm planning on having some fun with Face Swap and my sixers this year as well. 
The potential for creative stories is limitless!!!

The only drawback to the Face Swap app is the numbered watermark in the lower righthand corner of each photo. I'm sure if I chose to purchase the app rather than use the free version that number would disappear.

Something for which I promise there are no drawbacks is for you to hop on over to Forever in 5th Grade and visit the other bloggers posting for Show and Tell Tuesday. Better yet, why not add a Show and Tell post of your own.


  1. I really gotta get that Face Swap app! My own kids have it, and as you say, the possibilities for using it in the classroom are ripe. Thanks for reminding me. Too funny. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. My daughter is a pro at using SnapChat where you can also make those hilarious selfies! Too fun! Love your pictures of the sky and the traveling geese. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. Enjoy your new computers. It really is hard to live without them! They have become a necessity!

  4. How exciting with the new computers!!! I bet that's going to be a blast once they're set up and all of the technicalities are completed. LOVE the funny snapchat filters.


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