July 25, 2016

Searching with #

If you're like me then you are already getting ready for the new school year. I've been scouring TpT for new products that meet my classroom needs (or are just that cool), and I've been loading up my shopping cart in anticipation of a big sitewide sale (you know it's coming).

Meanwhile, did you know that there are all kinds of fun mini-sales that go on each week over at TpT? You don't have to wait for a huge sale to save big. I've stumbled upon several fun, weekly sales this summer. All of them involve a hashtag!

Want some dollar deals? Visit TpT on Mondays and use #mondaymadness as your search term.

Looking for some half-priced products? On Tuesdays many TpT'ers list two of their items at a 50% discount. Just search for these items using #2fortuesday.

Bundles are the deal of the day on Thursdays. Look for these extra low prices by searching with #thriftythursday.

Have some fun this week and use that # as you shop!

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