July 1, 2016

First Five for Friday of July

No. ONE... My poor, sweet furbaby (ha) has been in a grumpy mood lately and will not play with little sis. Little sister gets upset and jumps on sissy which makes Daisy get MAD. Daisy turns around to slap Little Lulie who in turn slaps back. Trouble is, Lulie has eight toes along with eight claws on ALL of her paws. OUCH! Daisy got scratched AGAIN!!!

No. TWO... I have TONS of task cards which were all piled into a single crate. Every darn time that I wanted to use a set I would have to dig through the crate until I located the set that I needed. Of course, it was usually near the bottom! Hopefully, this problem has now been solved. I picked up three different colors of plastic shoe boxes from the Dollar Tree, one color per ELA class that I teach. All the grade five cards are in the red box, the grade six cards are in green boxes, and the grade seven cards are in the blue box.

No. THREE... I made THE MOST DELICIOUS yet SIMPLE dish the other day. While I was cooking the spaghetti I simmered some chopped garlic, crushed red pepper, onion, zucchini, summer squash, and black olives in olive oil and a touch of butter. When the spaghetti was tender, I drained it well, then dumped it in the pan with the veggies to heat through. I smothered it in fresh grated romano cheese. Oh boy... YUM!!! I will make this again!

No. FOUR... We have had the most beautiful sunsets lately. This is just one of many that I have captured on my camera.

No. FIVE... The last time that I joined Kacey on a Five for Friday it was the last day of my school year and I had schlepped home a TON of stuff to work on over break and had dumped it in the spot pictured below. Check out that view on this blog post and compare it to four weeks later. I FINALLY tamed the school mess in my house!

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  1. Ha ha! I remember the school mess taking over our house. I'm sure my husband is looking forward to that happening again next year! :) Task cards... so important but such a pain to keep organized. Hope the new system works for you!

    Joya :)

  2. That meal looks REALLY delicious! We have had some amazing sunsets as well!

  3. That pasta looks yummy! Love your task card organization!


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