July 5, 2016

I Have, Who Has? #2forTuesday

It's that time! Time to link up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for Two for Tuesday where bloggers from all over the blogging world select two of their TpT products and significantly discount them just for today, Tuesday.

This week I've chosen two I Have, Who Has? games for you. Both are marked 50% off just for today. They are both just one dollar each!

Sometimes called a looping activity, I Have, Who Has? is a fun and engaging activity that provides students with both content area and listening skill practice. 

Students are given a card on which is written an answer followed by a question. They must listen for the question that matches their answer, then read the question on their card for another student to answer. Play continues around the room until all the cards have been read. My students GO WILD for this activity and beg to repeat each game to improve their performance. Beg to do an activity? Definitely, a winner!

Be sure to visit Chalk One Up for the Teacher to discover all of the Two for Tuesday deals for this week or go directly to Teachers Pay Teacher and search using

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