June 3, 2016

June Pinterest Pick 3 Linky

There's just something special about June 3rd! Hmmm? Could it be that today is my official first day of summer break? Yes, but that's not really it! What is so special about today? Today is the day for my favorite linky... YIPPEE!

First up is a pin for a really terrific "Back to School" bulletin board! Yep, on the first day of summer break I'm already thinking of "Back to School". Crazy, right? That's a teacher for ya!

My second pin this month is for something I've struggled with: how to assess a student's STEM activity. This site looks to provide some valuable information and insight.

This month's final pin is for a book that I've been wanting to read and use with my students. The best part? EVERY STINKIN' ELA Reading Common Core Standard can be covered while doing it! Can you say, "Woot! Woot!"


  1. I never thought about how to grade STEM projects. Your pin will be very useful! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us! :)

  2. Love the recipe bulletin board! Too cute.

  3. I've been wanting to read Wonder. I'll have to add it to my Summer reading list! :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. I love that back to school bulletin board and the unit for Wonder! If only Wonder was in our curriculum...


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