May 3, 2016

May Pinterest Pick Three

Pinterest is probably one of my most favorite apps, websites, pastimes... whatever you want to call it. As such I really look forward to the third of each month when this fun linky is held.

When you think of May, what do you think of? Memorial Day, Mothers' Day, May Day, May flowers, the end of the school year? All those things and more! Here are three pins picked just for you to use in your classroom or home during the marvelous month of May and beyond!

First up is a pin for a fun art activity created by Art with Jenny K. If you have never tried a collaborative art poster created by Jenny, give this one a whirl. My kiddos fell in love with this cooperative projects and we try to do one each month. This one is FREE!

May's second pin is for an amazingly simple Mother's Day project that can easily be adapted for any age student. While the original pin calls for simple statements to describe mom, I'm thinking of doing this one as a poem, An Ode to Mother, with one line per strip of paper.

The final pin this month is for a set of recipes that shout, "Summer!" When I saw the photo for this pin, I knew I had to repin it and SHARE!


  1. I love the flag project. What a great group activity! They summer salads look so good! Thank you for sharing your pins and linking up with us! :)

  2. The rainbow writing project is so cute!


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