May 20, 2016

Five for Friday 5.20.16

I can tell that things are beginning to calm down as the end of the school year approaches. This is two weeks running that I've been able to join...

FIRST... Last Saturday I did something that I've never done: I chaperoned our high school prom. Mind you, I am only a sixth grade teacher, but since we're a preK-12 school all of the students from the very young to the old are "our kids". The seniors invited all of their teachers to attend. Since the prom was being held on The Goodtime III, a scenic river cruise ship, I decided to accept the invite. Oh my, what a night! A wonderful dinner, fun dancing, an exciting cruise, and AWFUL weather- from rain to hail to even a little snow... YES, snow in May! What can I say, I live in NE Ohio.

A view from inside the ship during one of the downpours
The same view a little later as the weather cleared

SECOND... Early this week we finished a fun project that took us several class periods. We combined a little art (agamographs from Art with Jenny K) with a little writing as we prepared to celebrate Memorial Day.

The view from the front is rather unusual.

However look from either side at an angle...

... and it's like magic!

THIRD... Because I teach at a Catholic School, when we undergo a self-study (every five years) and create a school improvement plan we must create goals for religious/faith improvement as well as academic improvement. Our current plan's religious goal is to learn and implement the Works of Mercy throughout our school community. The first phase of this goal has us focusing on the Corporal Works of Mercy (phase two, starting next year will focus on the Spiritual Works of Mercy). Our music teacher is a tremendously talented puppeteer. She wrote a captivating puppet show script that highlights the Corporal Works of Mercy. She and her troupe, along with some of my seventh grade English students, performed the show for our K-6 students this week. It was AWESOME!

FOURTH... Today was our annual Fun Day! Our kids wait for this all year long. There is everything from a slip and slide and a bouncy house to arts and crafts as well as goodies and treats all day long. Classes select theme songs and wear like colored T-shirts. The day ends with our annual fifth versus sixth grade kickball tournament.

Some of my sixers and their second grade buddies are creating our parade banner.
Can you guess what our theme song is?
Just waiting for our time to march in the Fun Day parade

FIFTH... The highlight of our Fun Day, at least for my sixers, is the dunk tank. My kiddos wait for this moment from kindergarten. They get to be the ones who get soaked! This year there were fifteen brave sixers who volunteered to get dunked.

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  1. I love Art with Jenny K! We have been using a freebie of hers for kids that finish projects early and they love her stuff! Have a great weekend!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Those agamographs are awesome! I think I might squeeze that in before the end of the year!


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