May 13, 2016

Five for Friday

Holy Shmoly! I couldn't tell you the last time that I was able to join this fun, Friday linky hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching.

FIRST... We had a wonderful visit from our Science Coach, Dr. Ann. She is the chemistry professor from the local branch of Kent State University whom we have the pleasure of working with throughout the year. Dr. Ann presented a lesson, along with three hands-on activities, about electrochemistry. My kiddos were totally engaged for the complete 90 mins. During this time they exploded (took apart) a flashlight, drew its schematic, and then put it back together; they built a simple motor from a simple kit (base, magnet, battery, and copper wire); and they drew working circuits by using special pens with silver ink.

SECOND... I was given an old, rusty cast iron skillet. It was a mess so I googled how to clean/season it. You see, I was craving an old family dish that I hadn't had since long before my mother died, over six years ago. Known as placki, I LOVE these fried potato pancakes, and was taught by grandma then mom that REAL placki could only be made in a cast iron skillet. Mom had one that was used ONLY for this favorite dish, but it sat unused for so long that it looked awful so I threw it out! SHAME ON ME! This past Wednesday, I fried a batch of placki in my refurbished iron skillet and ate every single pancake by myself... YUM!

THIRD... One of my students has a mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As a sign of our love and support for her, we made her cards and purchased pink, stretchy band bracelets to wear throughout her treatment time. Here we're showing off our bracelets for a photo we popped into one of the cards. I have THE BEST kiddos!

FOURTH... We completed a fun-filled STEM project earlier in the week wherein we designed catapults to help Jack-Be-Nimble jump over his candlestick. Check out the variety of designs!

FIFTH... I FINALLY finished a set of task cards that I've been working on FOREVER, and just in time since Pentecost is this coming Sunday! The pack consists of three distinct sets of cards, each focusing on a particular ELA skill. However, you can also mix the cards to form three multi-skill sets of cards as well. Each card contains a QR Code answer so the sets are perfect for placement in a literacy center. They are also perfect for a round of Scoot, Scatter, or a Scavenger Hunt. You can read more about them HERE or even download a pack for yourself.

I hope you all had a terrific week just as I have had! Be sure to stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching for more fun Five for Friday posts!

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