January 2, 2016

New Year Incentive for Braggin' about Great Work

"I forgot my homework, Ms. A.!"
"I left my homework at home, Ms. A.!"

Sound all too familiar? Sure was for me, until I started using brag tags as an incentive in my classroom.

So just what are brag tags, you might be thinking? Brag tags are badges/mini-awards that students earn by completing a specified behavior. They are incentives for good behavior, good habits, and good work. Students collect these cute tags and hang them on a metal ring, cord, bracelet, or necklace. They can wear these bracelets and necklaces or hang their rings in a prominent place to display their accomplishments. They get to brag about what they have accomplished, thus the name.

My kiddos LOVE collecting them and can't wait for me to introduce the newest set. No more homework woes, just lots of braggin' about great work and terrific work habits! Please visit my TpT Store to see all the cute tags that I've created for my students. Here's a small sample.

Test drive some brag tags in your classroom with this free set, just in time for the New Year. These just might be the thing to motivate your students to start the year off on the right homework foot. You can download your set HERE.

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