December 9, 2014

Tried It Tuesday: Multi Lens Camera

I hadn't planned on this particular post; it's a spur of the moment thing, but it is something that I HAD TO SHARE so I'm linking it up with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for...

Check out these cool photo collages of some projects my kiddos are working on (The projects are from two items that I purchased during the recent TpT Cyber Sale). Aren't they cool?
Santa's Sleigh of Synonyms by Fancy Free in 4th

There's A Minion Reasons by Fancy Free in 4th
The collages were made using an app on my Smartphone called Multi Lens Camera. I found it in the Google Play Store shortly after getting my phone last spring, downloaded it, and then promptly forgot about it until today.

For whatever reason today I clicked on the app just as I was ready to capture a few shots of student projects. Here's how easy I found the app to use.

Selecting START brought me here.

I had to decide how many frames I wanted in the photo collage.

Selecting four brought me to a screen like this. I simply started snapping shots until I had all four spaces filled.

The arrow in the lower right of the screen started to pulse once all four pics were completed, so I clicked it.

I saved my photo by simply clicking the save button on the next screen. VOILA! Easy, peasy instant photo collage... No more fooling around with power point, pic collage, or to make photo collages. I've found a MUCH easier way.

I still want to explore the app a little further since I noticed there was an EDIT button on the final screen above. I did click it out of curiosity to discover some color, cropping, and size features. I decided to wait for this portion of the app for another day. Right now I'm happy with the simple collages.

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