March 29, 2014

Spark Student Motivation with Games, even Religious Games

I just love my bloggy friend Joanne's weekly linky. I find so many wonderful ideas posted there each week. However, I never seem to have anything to share! This week I decided to jump in.

I can always motivate my students with task card activities; they call them games. If they become squirrelly during the day, I can channel that energy with a "game". If they are droopy, I can energize them with a "game". If we need to review a skill, I can pull out a "game" and provide them with the needed practice.

The current favorite with my sixers is I Have, Who Has? My fifth graders love ZAP!, and my eighth graders beg to SCOOT or SCATTER. It takes a bit of time to fashion one of these games, but it is well worth it! Here you can see my classes involved in task cards activities...

And because I teach in a Catholic school, I can even help them learn their religion with a "game". To read more about these religious task card games, just click on the links or any of the graphics below.

Be sure to stop by Joanne's blog, Head Over Heels for Teaching,  to read more of what motivates our students to learn!

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