March 22, 2014

Five for Friday and Fuel Your Faith

Well, it's Saturday again and I'm just getting around to joining two special weekly linkies! While the full moon this past week seemed to play havoc with three students' behavior, it shined pleasantly on mine!  I had a busy, productive week and didn't even check into the bloggy world on Friday. From St. Patrick's fun on Monday to a pleasant dinner party with favorite friends on Friday, I couldn't have asked for a better time!

FIRST... St. Patrick's Day found my students dressed in green, a festive change from their usual uniforms. Don't you just love the leprechaun hat? You see my sixers partcipating in a Scatter activity with parts of speech task cards created by Rosa Mauer. Those mischievous leprechauns miniaturized then scattered the task cards everywhere around our room! My kiddos love this type of activity as it gets them up and moving around the room.

SECOND... We worked really hard on our Dale Chihuly inspired art project, hanging sculptures created from colored water bottles. We are in week six of the project and finally nearing completion. I think by next week you'll be able to see the completed works of art hanging in their glory in the hallway. I hope you'll notice the first pic in this section. Do you see how this young lady has colored her bottle with three colors? Can you guess what the colors represent? I thought this was just AWESOME!!! The green is the earth, the blue is the sky, and the yellow is the sun! I can NOT wait to see her completed project!!!!!

THIRD... My fivers continued working in their Literature Circles this week. They are becoming more confident and independent with the process. There are still one or two students who come unprepared or forget their supplies. Goodness! Their circle mates have been applying positive peer pressure to encourage them to comply and step-up! Just lovin' this aspect of the activity!

FOURTH... We had a visit from the Diocesan Director of Vocations. The kids loved him! He celebrated a beautiful Mass with us. My fifth grade Language Arts students were selected to be lectors at the Mass while my sixers and I lead the music. Because this liturgy centered on vocations, one of the songs that we selected to sing dealt with being called to serve. It's a particular favorite of mine that I've used during worship for nearly thirty years. The song was inspired by a verse in the book of the Prophet Micah...

... which brings me to a special linky hosted by my bloggy friend Jessica of Joy in the Journey.

FIFTH.... Just love my fur babies! Well, most of the time! Little Lulie has discovered how to get ON TOP of the furniture, and she is determined to make the top of the dining room table her special place. Not to be out done her big sissy Daisy Mae is now also getting on top of things, something she has never done. When I am on Spring Break the following week, the two girls and I are going to come to an understanding... no table tops! I'm afraid that I will understand that they will have their way. LOL!

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  1. First I LOVE your video! I would love to learn how to do that. Second...Those sculptures are awesome! I want to know how to do that too. I am so glad I stopped by from Doodle Bugs Linky party.

    Terri Izatt


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