March 9, 2014

Five for Friday on a Sunday

... PHEW! Busy week. You can see by my video that there was a lot of BUSINESS going on this past week. It was only our second full week since we got back from Christmas break. This was the week we finally hit full stride. LOTS of learning was accomplished... which meant a very busy teacher assessing the learning... thus, it is now Sunday...afternoon!

FIRST... The sixers made trioramas of their favorite scene from My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George (weather interrupted project) and wrote a book review about the novel. The projects turned out so nicely that we are sharing them in the hallway for all to enjoy. The best part? One of my students who basically has shown little effort in reading this year created THE BEST PROJECT OF ALL! I live for these kinds of moments.

SECOND... The fivers got a taste of a real live Literature Circle after practicing jobs and cooperative learning behavior for a few weeks. You see my trifold that contains posters and word bursts to help the kiddos remember. Ms. Murphy, our student teacher, is facilitating this activity for the class. Years ago she was one of my sixers in Literature Circles. It's been fun listening to her compare her experience as student and as teacher.

THIRD... If you are not familiar with artist Dale Chihuly, please do yourself a favor by learning a little about him. He creates the MOST MAGNIFICENT hanging glass sculptures. The first two pics are his work, followed by shots of my sixers as they color and cut plastic water bottles. These will be fashioned into chandeliers patterned after Chihuly's work. The last pic in this sections shows our wonderfully colorful and festive creations hanging in the hallway!

FOURTH... My sixers completed a science report on Friday afternoon, but it's not your grandma's science report. No sir! They formed their reports into webpages! With the help of the Web Poster Wizard powered by 4Teachers.Org, my sixers were able to create a webpage complete with links, content, and graphics (including collages and photoboxes). I am so proud of the work they did in just one week! Here are a few pages for you to see up close:

FIFTH... There's still time time to enter my Milestone Mania Giveawy! The giveaway ends on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 11:59 PM so hurry on over to this blog post for an opportunity to win a $25 TpT Gift Certificate, a $15 Shopping Spree in my TpT Store, and a bundle of terrific teaching products from some totally awesome bloggers.

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  1. That Web Poster Wizard sounds great!! I will definitely check that out. Hope the Milestone Mania has been going well!


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