May 7, 2013

Yet again... Pinterest and a FREEBIE!!!

I am crazy about Pinterest!!! It's gotten to the point that both my fifth and sixth graders will ask if the idea I am sharing with them came from Pinterest. I'm crazy to the extent that I've begun creating some "worksheets" featuring Pinterest boards.

Here's one I just finished that is a book report. It's actually part of a set of Social Media Book Reports that I'm offering in my TpT Store and Teacher's Notebook Shop. The complete set of book reports contains not only the Pinterest design, but also designs for an iPod, Facebook, and Muzy. My sixers have really liked doing these reports. They are just as crazy about social media as I am, maybe more... NAH!

You can download the Pinterest FREEBIE HERE or by clicking on the graphic.

Here are just a few things I've been pinning this week. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Happy Pinteresting,
Happy Teaching,
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  1. Ohhhh my goodness! I am IN LOVE with your Pintrest book report form - seriously. Love it.

    I am addicted to Pintrest as well - I am often afraid I'll get carple tunnel from over-pinning :)

    My kids are going to LOVE this project - thanks for sharing! You rock! :)

    Joy in the Journey

    1. I'm so glad that you like the Pinterest book report! OMGosh, carpel tunnel... YES! My family teases me about his! LOL! I'd love to hear how your kids react to it. When I shared the social media reports with my sixers, they went wild! Some of mine wanted to do more than one report. When does a student WANT to do more than one book report? LOL!

      Enjoy the last few days,


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