March 15, 2016

March Show and Tell Tuesday

Lovin' me some Show and Tell! Thanks, Stephanie (Forever in 5th Grade), for this fun, fun linky!

We have been working on Literature Circles in fifth grade Language Arts. I have used this reading strategy for more than 20 years with my classes and have had tremendous success with it. It has really been a struggle with this year's crop of fifth graders to get them to buckle down putting effort into their jobs, let alone getting them to do their jobs on time! This past week THEY GOT IT! It was a night and day experience, almost like someone waved a magic wand over the class. The kids were delighted; I was ecstatic... now, let's hope this week goes as well!

If you've followed The Teacher's Desk 6 for a while, you've no doubt seen me share photos and posts about STEM activities that my sixers and I do. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be sawing in my classroom. A STEM marble run project has my sixers using cardboard tubes. Some of the tubes that were donated for the project were almost as heavy as light-weight wood; therefore, my carpentry skills were put to the test.

Here's a peek at one group's collected supplies. I can NOT wait to see the finished product with this activity that I found posted by Carol from Teachers are Terrific.

 Have you used Quizizz yet? If you are a 1:1 classroom or have a set of tablets to use with your students, then what are you waiting for? This website allows you to create custom quizzes that your students can do for homework or as a class competition; you can even select from a huge gallery of shared quizzes created by teachers.

My seventh grade English students all have a school issued computer, and I wanted to be sure to truly utilize them in unique ways in English class. Finding Quizizz has taken the sting out of vocabulary quizzes for my students. Instead of the weekly jeers, I now hear weekly cheers!

Show and Tell would not be complete without a pic of at least one of my fuzz girls. This is my elderly, attitudinal Tabby, Daisy Mae. This is her "Hurry up and finish your work, Mom!" look. She is waiting for me to wrap up this blog post so she can hop back into my lap.

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  1. Your class looks like so much fun! :)


  2. Your students are going to have a blast with that marble run. And I, too, have a fur baby right by my side as I type- her name is Popeye, she is a Yorkie, and she has enjoyed a bit of celebrity status on my own blog :) See you around. Kathleen

  3. Wow! The marble runs look so fun! Love your kitty too!

  4. That marble product looks awesome! Way to handle that saw! I bet finish projects turn out great!
    The Chalkboard Garden

  5. Love the STEM ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I will be getting ready to do book clubs in a couple more weeks too. It is one of my favorite things to do at the end of the year! I have not used Quizizz yet, but I pinned your pic so I could make sure I try it. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  7. oooh Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to check out Quizizz! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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