December 7, 2015

Mind Boggling Monday: Immaculate Conception

Tomorrow, Dec. 8th,  we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception by attending Mass together as a school. This is an often confusing feast day for y students. Many Catholics associate this feast with the event wherein the Angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will become the mother of our Lord. That is actually placed on the Church calendar on March 25th (the Annunciation). Just do your math a little and it makes complete sense. Count forward nine months (the human gestation period) from March 25th and what do you have? Christmas, Dec. 25th.

Now do the same from Dec. 8th and what do you have? Sept. 8th. Don't recognize that date? Check your Church calendar and you should see "The Nativity of Mary" listed there. Sept. 8th is Mary's birthday. So then Dec. 8th is the day that Mary's mother Anne conceived her daughter without sin... Immaculate Conception. Ah!

I will be doing a lesson to help my sixers understand this Church holyday. They will be taking a few notes in their Religion notebooks, using this foldable. It's yours for the downloading if you like. Just click HERE.

Here's this week's boggle board. Just download the image for you and your students to use. Can you find the Immaculate Conception words? Mary, feast, babe, pray.

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