December 5, 2015

December Pinterest Pick 3

Uh, what happened to Dec. 1, 2, 3, and 4? Blink, they must've been here since it's now the fifth! Truly, is every teacher that busy or is it just me that misses days? It couldn't be my age, could it? I don't remember being this harried when I was younger. Ah well, although I missed the target date of Dec. 3rd for this my favorite monthly linky, I am here now with some great Pinterest finds for the month of December.

Let's get started with the December Pinterest FUN!
Just click the link below each graphic to be swept away to the pin.

I am a STEM gal! I thoroughly enjoy the simple, engaging, and fun activities. A STEM activity usually requires little prep, uses materials you normally have or that are easy to procure and is totally learning packed for kiddos. My sixers have STEM-med their way through building towers, vehicles, and bridges with plastic cups, index cards, toothpicks, and candy corn so far this year while learning about engineering and science principals. I can NOT wait to try this great STEM activity with them next week.

STEM Christmas Trees

I really enjoy sharing creative writing activities with my students. Here's a fun and engaging Santa activity guaranteed to inspire creativity in even middle school students while sharpening their writing skills.

Design a suit for Santa

This time of the school year can be difficult for both teachers and students. Holiday excitement and thoughts of the holiday break ahead often interfere with our ability to focus... GUILTY! Here's something that just might help.

Be sure to visit all the terrific blogs below for MANY MORE terrific Pinterest Picks for December!


  1. I love the idea of the gumdrop tree STEM challenge and the Christmas brain breaks! Thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. I love the Brain Breaks!
    Thx a lot for sharing !

  3. The STEM challenge is amazing! My students would love that! Thank you for sharing and linking up! :)


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