October 19, 2015

Mind Boggling Monday Is Back

It's been a looooonnnnngggggg time since we've had a Mind-Boggling Monday here at my desk. I definitely need one, er have one, uh want to play one.... Ah gee, see what I mean. It doesn't matter! Here's a fun Boggle board to use with your students to help them focus on learning when the Halloween fidgets hit. Just download the pic, then project it on your interactive whiteboard or large screen TV for your students to see and play.

Not sure how to play Boggle? Click HERE for the original game rules.

Need a Boggle board that you can edit yourself? Click HERE for a free editable board.

Want a blank boggle board template for your students to use with classroom boggle? Click HERE.

How about a variety of editable boards to change with the seasons? Click HERE for a bundle of fifteen.

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