October 10, 2015

Color Chemistry Part 2

Earlier in the week I had shared what a great time my students had when Dr. Ann came and presented several lessons about the Colors of Chemistry. I also had my students do a colorful chemical investigation this week...

bipolarity of molecules
(hydrophilic vs. hydrophobic properties)

I just LOVE these simple yet powerful activities that demonstrate complex science concepts. While the colorful milk explosion activity is simply fun and intriguing for much younger students, my sixers were able to connect the information Dr. Ann and I have been teaching about atomic structure, electrical charge, and physical vs. chemical properties to what they saw happen in their dish of milk.

Oh, and remember from my previous post mentioning the sweet, colorful treat Dr. Ann provided for my kiddos as also a part of the Colors of Chemistry? We enjoyed that this week also... colorful, tasty snow cones (the chemistry part... colors of dyes in the sweet syrup).

... and while my sixers happily shared their colorful tongues with each other and me, they would NOT pose for my camera so I could share them with you! Silly kids!

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