June 25, 2015

My Personal Side: Running Hot and Cold

I finally had a bit of time today to go through my Bloglovin' update messages from the past four days. When I got to this morning's I found the cutest linky party being hosted by Molly over at Classroom Confections. Molly calls it "My Personal Side". She designed this linky so that bloggers could share some personal tidbits about themselves. For instance, during this first party we are asked to share our favorite mug and drink.

I am a hot and cold kinda gal!

It just depends on the mood I am in whether I choose a hot or cold drink. Of course, the time of year dictates my drink du juor as well. My favorite hot drinks (brewed fresh in my Keurig) are usually savored from my Dollar Tree clear, glass mug while my favorite cold drinks (generally lemonade or Kool-Aid but I've been on a Coke kick lately) are guzzled from any disposable cup (less dishes to wash, and yes, I also use paper plates a lot) that I can find hanging around.

I'm looking forward to reading the many posts that are part of this linky, and I'm looking forward to what other topics Molly has in store. Be sure to check out more "My Personal Side" posts by visiting Molly over at Classroom Confections to meet or learn more about some great bloggers.


  1. HI I came over from the seller challenge, then started reading your posts. I am your newest follower. What a lovely blog :)

    the happy teacher blog - http://beforecharlees30.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Coke and coffee...my kinds of girl! I also use different cups/glasses depending on the drink. Iced drinks in my Tervis...hot drinks in my Cheshire Cat mug...water in a plastic bottle.

    Kovescence of the Mind


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