June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream #tptsellerchallenge Week 2

I'm once again joining Ashley of Teach Create Motivate and her best blogging buddies (along with about a thousand others) for #tptsellerchallenge. This week's challenge is DARE TO DREAM.It's all about our hopes and dreams for our TpT business, what makes us work so hard at this enterprise.

And so I dream...

I teach in a Catholic school by choice. That choice, however, brings with it sacrifices, chief among them,  a financial sacrifice. My salary is approximately 60% of what it would be if I were teaching in a public school. As a result, through the years I have supplemented my income with side jobs, usually tutoring or doing some directing of local choral groups. About fifteen years ago I accepted the position of music director at my church. Along with it came a nice salary. Five years ago I made the choice (for many reasons) to "retire" from my position. The drop in my income hit me hard. For two years I scrimped and pinched and dug into my meager savings. After two years of being so watchful with my money, I turned to TpT.

I had created my own teaching materials for EONS! I seldom purchased teaching materials and less frequently used the packaged materials that came with textbooks. I even made items for my staff members. Thus it was a natural step to turn to TpT and offer my own materials to others. What I had done for free might help ease my financial crunch. It's taken three years but my TpT earnings are finally helping my income almost reach those double income wages of years ago, and I can still be involved with liturgical music but now just for FUN, like you see here below, as we celebrated the dedication of our new gymnasium this past weekend.

I am the guitarist, or the one who ALWAYS has her mouth open.

Not only can I have fun with my music nowadays, but with TpT's help I can share some other fun with my family. My earnings from TpT allow me to take my niece and nephews to dinner or the movies. We can do wonderful family meal together, and I can help send them to band camp or buy scouting/school items that mom and dad can't necessarily afford. This is the best part of my involvement with TpT.

Finally, and I hate to think of this one, I am beginning to stare retirement in the face. This past year marked my 35th year of teaching. I hope to be able to go as long as possible, at least another five years (hopefully ten). TpT will be a big help supplementing my retirement income when that day arrives!

I'm looking forward to growing my TpT business as I move into the future; already my stats have risen a bit. I'm also looking forward to reading more Dare to Dream stories as the thousand or more sellers complete this week's #tptsellerchallenge. Be sure to stop by Teach Create Motivate to view all the links.


  1. What a great post on your dreams! It's great that you were able to use the ideas you had for years and turn that into a TPT business. Also, congratulations on 35 years of teaching! That's amazing!

  2. TpT is truly a blessing! It is wonderful to see that you are doing what you love! Best wishes for continued growth!
    Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart

  3. 35 years of teaching is impressive! Congrats!


  4. We are so similar in our dreams - I need that extra wiggle room so I can do nice things for my boys and retirement is definitely on my radar! Although you do not look like you have been teaching 35 years!!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  5. I love this post! It's always nice to have money to do things with/for nieces and nephews. That is my favorite way to use the money as well. Congratulations on 35 years of teaching. Your school is lucky to have such a creative, dedicated teacher.

    Fit to be Fourth


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