November 15, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday for November

It's time for one of my favorite monthly posts...
On Halloween, this happened! I haven't bowled in like FOREVER. My nephew begged me to join his family for an evening of all you can bowl. Well, I lasted three hours and two and a half games. Of course, I paid for it for several days as well... oh my knees! I did have a lot of fun so, we're going to go again over Thanksgiving weekend.

I have been BUSY, busy making loads of ZAP games. My kiddos love this simple game. Not sure what ZAP is? Check out this post HERE and my TpT store HERE. Your kiddos will love getting ZAPPED!

My kiddos love GO ROUND days! What's that? It's really nothing more than literacy centers with a bit of a twist. We do Go Round days on Wednesdays each week. Each of the four tables in my room houses a particular center (these change from week to week). In the pic above you see a mystery picture for practicing parts of speech, a roll-a-story activity for Thanksgiving, and a game of U-Know for cause and effect. On the fourth table was a ZAP game. Students start out at their home table and work on the activity for eight minutes at which point a timer goes off. They then GO ROUND the room to the next table where they work for eight minutes and so on until all of the tables have been visited. Go Round assignments that need to be finished are completed over the next two days during class.

Finally, I just had to share a pic of these two sweet girls. Lulubelle and Daisy Mae have been sissies for nearly three years. They have slowly, ever so slowly made up over this lengthy time. They have gradually learned to tolerate each other and to sit near each other. Just this past weekend they actually slept together on the couch, touching each other! WAHOO! Sounds silly, but if you have ever had two stubborn cats, you know what an accomplishment this is.

Thank you for joining me here for Show and Tell Tuesday. Please head on over to Forever in 5th Grade and see all the other great Show and Tell posts by bloggers from all over the Education World. It's a great way to keep up with terrific teachers, learn great new ideas, and see wonderful learning products in action!


  1. I think my antsy kids could really benefit from some Go Round days! I'm not familiar with Zap, so I will definitely check that out too. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Your cats look adorable! Bowling on Halloween sounds like fun.

  3. I just LOVE your ZAP games. I'm pretty sure that's how I first found out about you (through your main idea ZAP freebie) and have been following you ever since! Now I'm off to check out U-Know. :)


  4. I use KABOOM with my students! It's very similar to ZAP, but I only use it for practicing math facts!

    Chevron and Crayons

  5. Your Zap games look very interesting. I can't wait to check them out. Religion games are hard to find.
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

  6. I bet your students love all their game playing. It makes for engaged learning. Lucky kids! Kathleen


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