September 20, 2016

September Show and Tell

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We are off to a roaring start with our Science class in sixth grade. We've already learned about S.T.E.M. and the engineering process and have just started our study of taxonomy. Last week we practiced classifying cereal in the same way that biologists classify living organisms via a dichotomous key.

We have been taking advantage of our school's new Chromebooks using them at every opportunity. Partially because this week we are doing STARS testing on them, so I want my kiddos well prepared and comfortable with the technology before they test.

We've also been actively working with our Second Grade Buddies. Last week we made these wonderful individual pencils in celebration of the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta. Combining two items, one from Look to Him and Be Radiant and one from Glitter Meets Glue, we created the beautiful poster featuring St. Teresa's words, "I am but a small pencil in the hand of God."

Finally, I always must share a pic of my fuzz girls. Here you can see both Daisy Mae and Lulubelle helping me create this blog post. They are such cutie pies that I can't chase them away while I am working. They aren't spoiled a bit!

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  1. Love your cereal lesson. Great idea to teach classifying!!!

  2. I like your arrangement with the big tables and room for kids to work on the floor!

  3. Hi Angela,
    You are very lucky to be able to work with your buddies on a project about St. Theresa of Calcutta. What a wonderful experience for all the children! Have a great year.

  4. Classifying cereal sounds like a fun day in science! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  5. I love your new blog design - looks amazing and modern! It's great that you're doing STEM and using your Chromebooks!


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